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Bespoke Designs


Pricing for each online product includes customizing your order in the design shown, which includes the number of colors shown on the product example. 

What if I just want different fonts?
Our font options are always changing as more great fonts are released. If you chose the option to work with a designer to find different fonts, 3 are presented at a time, in up to 3 total proof sets. If more are needed, your designer will quote you a design-time price, and any additional cost to purchase a new font and upload it to all the necessary studio equipment.

What if I want more colors?
Pricing for each custom item is created based on the number of colors shown in the layout. Adding more colors will increase the price of any order that includes letterpress, foil, or engraved printing.

What if I want options from several different Bell'INVITO Styles combined?
That's always a great possibility! It will require a custom appointment. The full cost of your appointment is applied to your order if you order within 10 days of your appointment. Book online here or call for a booking. 214.741.1717 x 0.

What if I want something totally custom that I don't see in the Style assortment?
We do this all the time, all around the world. See above about a Custom Appointment booking.