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Bell'INVITO Card and Envelope Sizes


Bell'INVITO sizes are exclusive and copyrighted—but we are happy to share. You can purchase Bell'INVITO envelopes for your own projects. We do not use industry-standard sizing as all of our envelopes are created by us and have the Bell'INVITO embossed mark as a sign of their quality.

Our cotton envelopes are a luxurious yet durable 80-pound text weight. We do make custom envelopes in non-stocked weights and colors on request. Quantities less than 3,000 require peel-n-stick tape and hand-folding, causing their expense to be quite a quite costlier than the ones we sell in general; however, we are happy to create something custom for you.

If you are ordering a bespoke product, your cards will be tailored to fit within the envelope(s) you purchase. To simplify the process, we do not list the sizes during the ordering process—we will ensure the fit for you. Your specific card sizes will be on your proofs when they are sent for your approval.

Your proofs are created to the actual size of your product. For exact measurements, please review your proofs or confer with your designer. All card sizing is determined by the size of the envelope chosen.



The tradition of double envelopes to deliver important documents is centuries old. The outer envelope served to the purpose of telling the carrier the address to deliver the parcel. The inner envelope served to carry the names of the guests within the household to whom the contents were directed. The outer envelope also served to protect the important contents from the dirt and wear of the journey, and from prying eyes with its extra layer of opacity.

At Bell'INVITO we offer the tradition of double envelopes in our larger sizes. If they are available for your bespoke order they are listed as an option under 'Envelopes' as you are making choices.

A word to the wise—an invitation's mailing envelopes (also called 'outer envelopes') have the name of the head-of-the-household and the delivery address only. The inner envelopes, which are un-gummed, have the names of each person in the household who is invited to take part in the event. This includes any children or guests of the household. When an invitation is delivered, no one is invited to attend who is not listed by name on the inner envelope.


Many people choose to skip the double envelope tradition. The advantages are savings in the weight of the overall parcel ad in the expense of addressing each envelope. Then double envelopes are skipped for a formal occasion, often envelope liners are used. While they do not deliver information, they can add a modern decorative element and provide the privacy of added opacity while they are traveling to their destination.


If an envelope liner is chosen for double envelopes, it is placed in the inner envelopes only. If it is chosen for single envelopes, it is placed in the mailing envelope and the card is slightly larger so that it fits perfectly in the envelope without being too crowded or too small. When ordering Bell'INVITO, our designers will take care of this detail for you. You will not need to designate where the envelope liner goes or what the card size is for your order. We will simply make all the pieces fit for you.

  • Baronial: traditional American pointed-flap parcel design
  • European: Deep, rounded 'V' European parcel design
  • Princess: Bell'INVITO trademarked design, used in multiple applications throughout the brand