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Monograms and Artwork


Bell'INVITO Monograms are created by artists as opposed to software. Whether it's making use of simple fonts or creating something ornate by hand, we offer an assortment of monograms that are created for each individual or couple. We offer only 2-letter syles on our wedding invitations in keeping with best etiquette practices. The pricing for the artwork is determined by the time needed to create it and revise it, and in some cases where indicated, package it for your use with us again on other products and elsewhere. Some products will include the price of a monogram, while other products may require the artwork to be purchased separately. The choices are listed in each product in the customization menus.

Once your artwork is finalized, the artwork can then be applied to a number of orders. We keep Bell'INVITO artwork created by our studio on file for our clients. If your artwork was purchased through a store that carries Bell'INVITO, you will need to get the artwork from the store where you purchased the original art. 



Monogram Etiquette on Stationery
  • When a single initial is used, typically it represents the surname (last name) 
  • With the exception of wedding stationery, it is customary for each person in a household to have their own stationery for conducting their personal note-writing
  • If a first, middle, and last initial are used, the design dictates the order of the initials; our designers are trained to assist and apply this etiquette properly
Monogram Etiquette for Weddings
  • Traditionally no monograms were used on a wedding invitation; the only mark would be a crest (in situations where heraldry is appropriate) of the family issuing the invitation
  • Today couples have adopted using a 'couple monogram' and the practice is widely accepted by etiquette experts when 2 first name initials, or 2 last name initials are used
  • If the couple will use one common last name once married, the jointly used name or initial is never used before the completion of the marriage ceremony