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Bespoke Printing Proofing Process


The most important part of your order is the proofing process. It's important that you understand your role. In creating a custom design, we are partnering with you, and we cannot do our job well without your understanding of the process and giving us your input.

When do I get my first proof?
The first multi-page PDF will be sent to you via email in the timeframe you chose when you placed your order.  

What will my proof look like?
Your designer uses graphic design software to create the proofs that the production team needs to make your order. A copy of those proofs is sent as a PDF that is emailed to you. If your paper is a color other than bright white or natural white, the color will be represented in the layout. Otherwise, the proof is a simplified representation of where each color will be placed on your card. This is used to create you printing plates. See the important note on color below.

What am I checking for on my proof?

  • Color It is important to understand that all colors on the layout are a representation of the color and the placement in your finished product. The actual color does not come from the proof or the graphic file that made the proof. Colors are hand-mixed in most cases and will appear slightly differently on your finished product.
  • Scale Our proofs are sent to you in PDFs that have each piece in your order on its own page at full size. Your text size and placement are there for you to approve as well as other elements listed here.
  • Text accuracy Our team will always try to make sure everything is spelled correctly, however, this responsibility is a joint effort. You must fully check the spelling of all words on your order before you approve. If an order is approved for production and a change must occur, the client is responsible for a reprint at 80% of the original price of the item to be fixed and re-printed.
  • Placement Exact, precise placement of different colors and any design running to the edge of the paper will slightly vary from your proof and from piece to piece. When 2 or more colors are printed, there is a variation called 'registration' that will happen with any type of specialty printing. Our online designs are created to minimize this. Deviation from these designs often results in registration being more visible than some clients know to expect. If you are worried about this effect, stock with a one-color order. A slight movement in registrations between colors, print methods, and trim lines is normal.
  • Quantity and other specifications Your order specifications are listed on your proof at the bottom. When you are approving the proof to print, you are also confirming these specifications listed at the bottom that will direct the efforts of your creators are indeed accurate and also approved. Your design will explain any terms you see that you do not understand.

How many proofs do I receive?
The first 2 proof PDF sets are included with your order. We highly recommend that you send all changes to your designer at one time. Once changes are sent a new proof will begin and be sent to you as quickly as possible. Our designer team will assume that once changes are sent, that is all for that round of proofing and new designs are being requested.

How much do extra proofs cost?
It depends on what you ask for. Our design time is $180 per hour. We charge in 15-minute increments. A simple text change will be one 15-minute charge. ($45). We will tell you how long your request will take prior to making the change if you prefer to approve amounts before the charges are incurred. All added costs are due once your order is ready to ship.