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Heather's Tips for a Casually Chic Golden Globe 2021 Watch Party

When Texas Today asks you how to watch the Golden Globes with friends, you show up with some sparkle, some swag, and a lot of tips for glamming it up while sinking into your comfy sofa! That's just what our creative director and house etiquette guru, Heather Wiese Alexander did. Watch her watch party tips here!

Now about that SWAG! Win $300+ in Bell'INVITO swag just for downloading a ballot, filling it out (it doens't matter how many categories you get right!) and posting a pic of your ballot with the hashtag #bellinvitoballot.

That's it! Easy to enter and win. Now let's talk about what's in the swag: All things inspired by this year's films! It's a fun assortment that includes a leather journal (ode to Mank), 8 of our most loved stationery sets, including "Pucker" (perfect for Promising Young Woman fans), a Banknote Candle (any Ozark fans out there?), a David-and Alexis worthy Maverick gift tag, and of course coasters fit gor a queen.

Can't wait to watch with you on Sunday Night! 7 p.m. central on NBC.