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On a Personal Note During COVID-19

We're here to support, lift up, entertain, and send goodies!

UPDATE: COVID-19 has changed us all. Our company, like so many small businesses, is moving fast to find creative ways to stay afloat while seriously dealing with the more pressing matter of the health of loved ones. Nothing is more important.

We are ever so thankful for your support during this crisis. If there was ever a time to get comfortable with being vulnerable, it's now, together. We are fighting to keep the lights on and the humans safe by enforcing all the safety measures recommended by the WHO, the CDC, and local authorities. Like so many small businesses, our hearts are broken as we downsize and furlough dedicated employees who have been a vital part of making beautiful things for you for years.

Our very small remaining team continues to function with scheduled daily (multiple times a day) disinfecting of the studio and plenty of social distancing as we work safely spread apart in a vastly empty, spacious studio. We are dedicated to keeping you as well as our loved ones and our communities healthy. We covet your support, whether it's an order, a brilliant idea (you always have good ones!), or a kind word.