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>travel etiquette tips from heather wiese alexander of BellINVITO


Travel etiquette has become a hot topic. I love to arrive in new cities, but I don't always love the journey. Additionally, I have yet to encounter a person who can't relate on this subject. A word to the wise, when traveling, we're in this together. Learn how to be a good traveler and it will take you surprisingly far—happily.

It has taken an education in the ongoing trends of travel combined with research into etiquette that exists in the world of transit—especially internationally, to form a set of travel tips you can rely on. If you have a question, we always love to give you a well-researched, reliable answer. Ask away. Buon viaggio!

LEAN BACK Yes, you can recline—slowly and politely. It's not recommended to ask permission, but a polite second of eye-contact that says, "I know you're there and I'm being careful," is recommended when possible.

TIGHT SQUEEZE The middle seat gets both arm rests. It's their only luxury, don't deny them this little win.

WAIT YOUR TURN You most certainly are a special snowflake—only, not when queuing. Remember status covers a whole group of people. Wait patiently behind those ahead of you in your same boarding group status. If you need to pass someone of lower airline status, it's polite to acknowledge them at an elevated fellow human status while doing so. (That just means be a little nicer than you have to.)

RISE TO THE OCCASION Stand up to let someone in or out of your row. No ifs, ands

GO WITH THE FLOW—OR MOVE OVER Walk left. Stand Right. Especially pay attention to corridors, escalators, and moving sidewalks.

PRIVATE MATTERS Maintain your beauty regimens and certainly all forms of hygiene in a bathroom. They are everywhere. Use them.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS Sure, travel comfortably. However travel etiquette isn't about a mass-standard. While I love my athleisure wear as much as the next girl, wearing full workout gear on board is a no-go for an informed jet setter. Leggings and a hygge sweater? We won't fault you.

MANAGE YOUR SPACE Keep trash, limbs, and bags confined to your purchased area and not the common spaces.