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'Letterpress Printing' is a relatively new term for a modified, very old printing technique. Once a design is created for you and approved, a die is etched for each color that will be printed. Printing presses used in letterpress printing are only capable of applying one color at a time. This is why multiple color adds cost and time to an order. The etched image is inked by a roller and the ink is pressed deep into soft cotton paper. This achieves the great pillowy texture letterpress is famous for. Letterpress inks are translucent and appear 'stampy' when they cover large areas. They also do best on lighter paper since the color of the paper will show through the ink. A strong metallic chine cannot be accomplished with this print method. Foils or the process below, popularly known as 'engraved' printing, however, is perfect for metallic inks.




























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Founder Heather Wiese Alexander knew nothing of letterpress until she was shown the beautiful, pillowy-textured printing on a photo shoot in New York City. As a young art director, new trends were part of her business on a daily basis, but this one in particular proved especially interesting. Within months, another serendipidous moment presented itself. She discovered unused printing presses belonging to her in-laws 5th generation printing business. Her husband's uncle fired up the old machine and showed them how it worked. Soon after cam research, loads of trial and error, and mastering her own technique, Bell'INVITO Letterpress was born.


Today Bell'INVITO uses polymer printing plates so that modern designs translate beautifully onto soft cotton papers. Remember the rubber stamps you played with in grade school? Letterpress is essentially the same process. Each color is applied by a roller into an etched surface called a 'die.' The polymer die is very hard, and the ink has to be applied in a specific way so that when the image is pressed into the surface of the paper, the ink transfer is not too much, not too little, and consistent from edge to edge. 


Have you ever wanted to try it out? We have a letterpress class for adults (ideal number is 6 people) that includes more than just a lesson. You'll each go home with some beautiful personalized swag worth over $300, and memories that will last a lifetime!