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Card Backers


You can add a backer to most invitations for both decorative and functional purposes. Here are a few good things to know.

  • The Bell'INVITO Ribbon Backer™is our preference to hold things together over a 'belly band.' While we will create a belly band on request, our design sensibility likes things all to be contained and placed deliberately. Belly bands may slip, break, or reposition in transit, just a few of the reasons we don't love them. We loved our alternative so much, in fact, that we trademarked it over a decade ago. While our Ribbon Backer solution has a trademark, we are more than happy to share it with patrons and designers alike on request. We make ribbon backers from specific ribbon types and specific paper types. Our materials reduce the risk of stretching, fraying, and tearing as your reply set and any other cards are slipped in and out of the ribbon backer.
  • A paper backer is a beautiful way to add personalization and a little wow to your order. The main invitation can be 'duplexed' with a backer. This simply means any paper you choose can be glued to the back of your card so that when it is flipped over, the decorative paper covers the back. It's good to note that the bruise from printing naturally shows through decorative paper.