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Card Shapes and Edge Treatments


Bell'INVITO has an assortment of card shapes that are tailored to our envelope sizes. When ordering online, the card shapes offered will fit the envelope sizes offered. If a shape needs to be re-sized for a special request envelope, there is a re-tooling charge in order to create our shape in a new size.


Color on the edge of your paper is an elegant finishing touch. In fine printing, this is hand-applied in a number of ways depending on the card shape and thickness. In some cases, a hand-bordered look may be digitally printed on a card's top surface, which can be done on request.  


As with any custom process, knowing the industry's vocabulary is a convenient tool to be sure you are communicating on the same page as your maker. Here are the terms associated with applying color to the edge of your card:

  • Straight Edge. Think of the card or stack of cards as a box. Only the vertical edges will have color. Color is applied to the straight edge of the card, not the top and not the bottom.
  • Hand-border. This is the color (about 1/8") that is applied to the top perimeter and side (straight edge) of the paper. It can be done in a single or double border. This is applied by hand, as the name implies. A digital border can be done as a more economical alternative around the perimeter of the card, but it will not have the slightly raised quality from the paint and can be less consistent visually due to the slight movement that is a common consequence of digital printing.
  • Beveled edge. This involves sanding or slicing the edge of a card at an angle so that the thickness of the card is accentuated. Color can be applied to the edge in most cases.
  • Tipped Corners. This original Bell'INVITO shape is based on an emerald-cut diamond. The corners are slightly 'tipped' or cut at an angle for an unmistakably Bell'INVITO finish.
  • Rounded Corners. We round our corners with a slightly tighter curve, giving the traditional look of the rounded corner card a fresh appeal. 
  • Princess. This refers to a shape our founder created over fifteen years ago for a client and decided it was worth bringing into the line as a copyrighted form. Today our Bell'INVITO Princess Envelopes can be purchased by anyone looking to add a speical touch to their papers. Our Bell'INVITO Princess™ shape is in our packaging, our leather accessories, and is added seasonally to new offerings as a sign of incredible quality and mission for both the clients' and the makers' well-being.

Special shapes and sizes are always welcome. Expect a certain expense for the making of the technical design, the form for the process of cutting, and what is called a "comp" which is a sample to be sure that any processes, colors, materials, and treatments all work well together for the desired finished result. A custom appointment will get your special job underway.