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  • HOLDS: one Bell'INVITO Font Candle + standard matches
  • COMES WITH: Font Candle, base, lid with match cup. Strike-on surface located on match cup perimeter (all-strike matches required)
  • VESSEL: teak stone
  • PERSONALIZATION: Price includes existing vector artwork: Bell'INVITO monograms on file, client-provided company logos, or a single block letter (shown in images)

Girard Candle Holder

Handsome and clever. Teak stone candle holder with a match holder and match-strike surface.

Personalization includes a single block letter, or use of a prevously purchased Bell'INVITO monogram, or client-provided logo artowrk. 

Special Price $145.00 Regular Price $289.00
Special Price $145.00 Regular Price $289.00