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  1. Boxed Cross Stitch SnowmanBoxed Cross Stitch Snowman
    Boxed Cross Stitch Snowman
  2. Boxed Cross Stitch Christmas TreeBoxed Cross Stitch Christmas Tree
    Boxed Cross Stitch Christmas Tree
  3. Boxed Cross Stitch SnowflakeBoxed Cross Stitch Snowflake
    Boxed Cross Stitch Snowflake
  4. Boxed Cross Stitch ReindeerBoxed Cross Stitch Reindeer
    Boxed Cross Stitch Reindeer
  5. Boxed Silver + Gold Cork PopBoxed Silver + Gold Cork Pop
    Boxed Silver + Gold Cork Pop
  6. Boxed Blessings of the SeasonBoxed Blessings of the Season
    Boxed Blessings of the Season
  7. Boxed Gold PineBoxed Gold Pine
    Boxed Gold Pine
  8. Boxed Joy to the WorldBoxed Joy to the World
    Boxed Joy to the World
  9. Boxed Ho Ho Ho Holiday CardsBoxed Ho Ho Ho Holiday Cards
    Boxed Ho Ho Ho Holiday Cards
  10. Boxed Mod SnowflakesBoxed Mod Snowflakes
    Boxed Mod Snowflakes
  11. Boxed Circus Bear Merry ChristmasBoxed Circus Bear Merry Christmas
    Boxed Circus Bear Merry Christmas
  12. Boxed Fabulous Christmas PeacockBoxed Fabulous Christmas Peacock
    Boxed Fabulous Christmas Peacock
  13. Boxed Silver DreidelBoxed Silver Dreidel
    Boxed Silver Dreidel
  14. Boxed North Star ChristmasBoxed North Star Christmas
    Boxed North Star Christmas
  15. Boxed Merry Holidays RudolphBoxed Merry Holidays Rudolph
    Boxed Merry Holidays Rudolph