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How Ordering Bespoke Online Works

What happens first?
Make choices from the drop downs.
**Don't forget to enter the quantity you need in the box next to the "ADD TO BAG" link.

My choices are made. What Now?
Once you have finished shopping, check out. Our team is alerted and a designer is assigned to your order.
You will be contacted by our team by email (the one you used to check out) with a PDF of your customizations in place.

Can I make design changes?
Yes! That is what this phase of the process is for. Your order Production Timeline DOES NOT BEGIN until you have checked your proofs thoroughly and let us know they are approved (via email). We will call, video chat—whatever you prefer during the design process, however, all approvals must be in writing.

Your designer works with you on whatever you need. If you decide after your order to make changes that use more than the design-time allotted with your order, we offer you solutions along with a quote for additional time needed. Your first two emailed PDF Proof Sets and the time needed to create them are included in your order.

Can I make printing changes?
Yes, however, we recommend against it. If you do not see the print methods you are looking for, a custom appointment might be a better scenario for your order. Pricing and production timeline are dependent on the print methods available within the order you chose. Changing these items is possible. Please expect added expense and production time. Re-estimating costs may also be required for more complicated requests or ordering non-stocked materials.

Can I make quantity changes?
Yes, if your order quantity decreases, there is no refund, however, if your order quantity increases the price-per-item will be added to a balance due before shipping or pick up.

When does my order ship?
Production Timelines are based on the elements of the order. Each order has an expected Production Timeline and the possible rush options. These differ from item to item and must be selected when the order is placed. No timelines are guaranteed.

What if my order is damaged or incorrect?
Custom items are non-returnable and non-refundable. If an order is damaged, a call tag will be sent and a replacement will begin as soon as images are received and an understanding of the issue is confirmed by the studio. Unfortunately, there is no way to "speed-up" specialty printing. The expectation of a new order to be created is the same as the timeline from the original order. Specialty papers and craftsman printing do not yield the same result as mass printing, especially in terms of photography and items printed on coated papers. Slight variations from item to item are considered normal and are not means for any discount, refund, or reprint. Slight alignment issues are a normal result of the hand-created nature of these items. Any notable discrepancies between an approved proof and a received order must be reported within 3 business days of the day the item was received. All orders default to 'signature required.' Waiving the signature negates our ability to replace a lost order and places the full replacement value on the customer. If there is an issue with your order we will do everything we can to reasonable resolve the issue in a timely manner. 

What is a Bell'INVITO Bride account?
Placing a wedding invitation order through our studio online or in-person gives you a Bell'INVITO Bride account. This account gives you 10% off any orders you place online—for everything. Forever! We love doing life with our Bell'INVITO Brides, whether it's holiday cards, gifts, things just for you, or things that make day-to-day a little sweeter. Your 10% off even applies additionally to promotions.

More details about the processes and ordering...