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Italian Lace Stationery

Accent your words with our Fourteenth century lace from the island of Burano, Italy. The hand-made wonder enjoys a beautiful second life engraved in all it's delicate detail and paired with your sentiments.


Finale Sale items are unboxed and tissue-wrapped with care. 

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No-Contact Delivery
No-Contact Delivery
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Each set includes 10 cards and 10 hand-lined envelopes:

  • CARD THICKNESS: 2 ply | 640 gsm European cotton
  • CARD SIZE: 4.75 x 6.75 inches
  • PRINT STYLE: 'engraved' (die stamped)
  • CARD EDGES: hand-applied gold on beveled edge
  • ENVELOPE FLAP: European shape
  • ENVELOPE LINING: hand-lined with smooth blue paper



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