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Let's Make It Custom


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Don't see what you're envisioning? We specialize in custom.

What to know about custom
We're a small workshop with a big presence. Since we're limited on people, we charge for custom appointments by the hour. You can schedule your own custom appointment on our online scheduler, or you can buy an hour here and let us know how we can contact you. 

How much does custom cost?
Great question! Your exact requests go into a 'calculator' we created just for our industry. It tells us how much time and cost is required to make your order based on exactly what you ask for—quantity, colors, print methods, paper choices, and so on. Since there is such a huge range of possibilities, we at least start with this: look online at something close to what you want and start at least 15% higher in price and production time. A custom quote for fine printing and speical materials takes varying levels of design vision and often research. The initial appointment booking id applied to this cost. It's in addition to the order cost.



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