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paper weights and thickness options


Bell'INVITO procures the finest papers available and has since the beginning. Our founder's love for fine Italian papers is where the company began, and searching the world for the right papers for each print method is an ongoing mission. You can purchase Bell'INVITO blank papers and add even edge colors for your own projects.

We offer our custom printing on an assortment of fine papers including 100% European cotton, semi-cotton, recycled, and high-quality colored papers. Each custom order offers the papers we know to work best with the design, print methods, and other features offered with that particular item.

If you are ordering a bespoke product, your cards will be tailored to fit within the envelope(s) you purchase. To simplify the process, we do not list the sizes during the ordering process—we will ensure the fit for you. Your specific card sizes will be on your proofs when they are sent for your approval.

Your proofs are created to the actual size of your product. For exact measurements, please review your proofs or confer with your designer. All card sizing is determined by the size of the envelope chosen.

The graphic below illustrates the respective graduation in the thickness of paper associated with the terms we use. Each paper is weighed a bit differently from the mill where it is made. To keep the ordering process easy we have simplified how we name our papers. We are happy to share more specific product information with clients as we are working together on an order.


Writing sheets are often used for letters and folded to fit into their envelope. For this, a Sheet is recommended. Folded note cards are always produced on a Standard weight card. Standard weight cards are also perfectly acceptable for stationery and invitations. Standard weight is a nice, heavy-weight cardstock that works well with digital printing machines as well as all three specialty print methods. 

Extra, Luxe, and Premier are recommended for larger invitations and announcements. The larger the card, the thinner the paper will feel. A Standard weight will feel very different as a business card or small notecard than it will as a larger format 6 x 9 wedding invitation. These thicker weights cannot run through a digital press so printing on them digitally requires a two-step process. First, the smaller paper sheets are printed, then duplexed (the process of gluing sheets of paper together), which will add to the cost of the order.