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She is the voice of a powerful new movement in civility. Heather Wiese Alexander is redefining, reimagining, and redesigning the social code. But she does it with a style that is playful yet sincere. Her methods are elegant yet approachable. She promotes the new contemporary gentility—etiquette—that is steeped in social intelligence, and of course rooted in the traditional protocol that has long held the trust for generations. She makes modern etiquette simple to understand and embrace. A fresh take on traditional formalities. Heather has a way of making each of her clients feel comfortable, look smart, and above all—go about their lives hosting or attending, interviewing or making an entrance—or just interacting in everyday encounters.

You’ll find this unique sensibility expressed in each and every Bell'INVITO creation. Heather Wiese Alexander has shaped Bell'INVITO into the place where every note, invitation, gift, and accessory is artfully designed to convey a perfect sentiment. Her designs are a balance of function and the pursuit of beauty. The result is a lasting impression every time.


Heather's talent led her first to the world of fashion, where she flourished as an art director. Influenced by time spent in Italy, she sought to find her own artistic voice by blending her love of traditional European style, meticulous craftsmanship, and her innate skill for graphic design and illustration. She was moved by the romance of the European lifestyle. She marveled at how a casual meal took on a luxurious air by the simple addition of quality elements that were more about style and manner than expense. Heather envisioned bringing that culture home.

Even more fortuitous, she stumbled onto a stash of family heirlooms in a dusty corner of an all-but-abandoned building. The old family-owned equipment presented a curiosity and an opportunity. Amongst them, a number of 19th century printing presses which had lay dormant for decades. The old family-owned equipment presented an opportunity too intriguing to pass up. Her talent for graphic design, together with her avid passion for reshaping social norms synergistically blended and the beaty of artisanal printing, became her calling.

As passion met opportunity, Heather set off cleaning, renovating, and repairing the relics of a bygone era. She learned the craft and process of both letterpress and engraving and soon realized that no modern derivation matched the color and the tactile feel when quality ink adheres to fine papers. Along with learning to art of fine printing, she furthered her etiquette knowledge with relentless research and interviews. She gathered craftsmen and craftswomen, masters of the lost art of fine printing. Her expertise in etiquette and protocol can be seen in every piece that comes off the press.


As the presses began to roll, Bell’INVITO… a beautiful invitationto a brand new, century old industry was born. The name 'bell'invito' is the common conjunction used in Italian to describe a beautiful invitation. 

Today, state of the art equipment lives side by side those original presses, still operating and still the beating heart of our luxury printing atelier. Each day they turn out beautifully handcrafted, one of a kind pieces that carry articulate expressions of love, celebration, sympathy, and a plethora of emotions. Under her leadership and daily involvement, she and her team create unparallelled custom artwork, push the boundaries of fine printing, and consistently develop software, processes, and unique systems that make the Bell'INVITO experience something extraordinary for both employees and clients alike.


Fun fact: observe the recipient of a Bell’INVITO piece. You will notice a consistent reaction. People tend to pick up a Bell'INVITO invitation, note card, or business card slowly and carefully, as if to extend the moment. Regardless of how informed they might be of paper or printing, they know they are holding something special. They understand that something of value is in their hands. The more discerning eye notices details, like an exquisite vibrancy of inks, or the luxurious texture of handcrafted Japanese Chiyogami prints. As they run their fingers over the perfect rise of a die-stamped design or the unmistakable canals of letterpress printing, the awe is noticeable, even if unspoken. While Bell'INVITO is always a joy to receive, it's a special thrill to be on the giving end of such a piece.

In an industry of parity offerings, Bell’INVITO is the recognized leader in luxury printing. Conscious lifestyle choices, such as eco-friendly materials and and nurturing environment for our associates, brings a contemporary, yet elegant flair to the world of traditional fine paper goods. Bell'INVITO literally pushes the envelope every day. They have markedly raised the bar in quality, craftsmanship, design, and client service.


The Dallas-based studio has added a letterpress class experience who wants to learn and experience this living art for themselves. We now have online booking for all classes as well as appointments. Each Etiquette/Social Intelligence booking Will also reserves a similar package for a student in an underserved community. Additionally, Bell'INVITO, for the second year, is providing pro-bono design and printed resources for Children's Cancer Fund. The Feel stationery sales are earmarked for a full 20% of the sale price to be annually donated to Breast Cancer Research. 


Allow us to extend a bell'invito to you. Take in the carefully created leather accessories, desk and table essentials, gifts, and, of course, handcrafted stationery, created in perfect synergy with living beautifully. You lead a multi-dimensional life, brimming with a full range of emotions. So, whether an occasion fills you with pride, excitement, joy or peace, we are your place where you will always find the perfect expression of how you feel. Whether you are rooted in tradition, or cheeky and a little irreverent, know that anything that bears the Bell'INVITO stamp will never go unnoticed.