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She is first and foremost a designer and tastemaker. Additionally, a pioneer in her industry and the voice of a powerful new movement in civility. Heather Wiese was a newcomer to fine printing in 2005. She dove in and began reimagining the industry, bringing previously scattered craftsmen into a single location to cross-train and develop new skills. She was the first to introduce software to her retail partners and reinvent archaic systems to modernize the business aspects of a centuries-old trade. While building the business, with design as her first love, she developed a following for her personal accessories and home decor, made in small batches and sold through luxury retailers across the U.S. and abroad.

Alongside her fine paper offerings and latest leather collection, Heather provides commissioned designs for clients seeking Bell'INVITO fine printing. Her people-loving nature produced a crop of etiquette-knowledge-seekers and a reputation as the go-to for the best up-market printing. Heather has written for and been featured in many national publications including Town and Country, Huffington Post, Victoria Magazine, Teen Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and has appeared on morning shows in major metropolitan areas such as Dallas, Nashville, Denver, and more. She writes a monthly column for PaperCity magazine titled, Social In Security, which aims to help people do just that—find a secure place to be confident, informed, and gracious in any social situation.

Heather does all this with a style that is playful yet sincere. Whether it's her collections or her methods, Heather is elegant yet approachable. She promotes the new contemporary gentility—etiquette—steeped in social intelligence, and of course, rooted in the traditional protocol that has long held the trust of generations. She makes modern etiquette simple to understand and embrace. She delivers a fresh take on formalities. Heather has a way of making each of her clients feel comfortable, look smart, and above all—confidently go about their lives accessorizing, hosting, attending, interviewing—or just interacting in everyday encounters.

You’ll find this unique sensibility expressed in each and every Bell'INVITO offering. Heather Wiese has shaped Bell'INVITO into a place where every piece is artfully designed and exquisitely produced to deliver a perfect impression. Her designs are a balance of function and the pursuit of beauty. The result is a brand emerging as a leader in refined taste and living well.


Heather's penchant for making beautiful things combined with her passion for making our world a kinder place yields a product assortment of thoughtfully created offerings. While paper goods are printed inside the Bell'INVITO production studio in Texas, leather goods and other products are unbendingly made with the same care for not only the finished product but the employees making them, the communities our partner factories serve, and the countries where the materials are sourced. Heather is passionate about supporting the people and countries that support our democratic and humanitarian ideals.


Fun fact: observe the recipient of a Bell’INVITO piece. You will notice a consistent reaction. People tend to carefully inspect it as if to extend the moment. Regardless of how informed they might be of paper or printing, fine leather or hand-made processes, they understand that something of value is in their hands. The more discerning eye notices details, like the exquisite vibrancy of inks, or the luxurious texture of supple, soft leather. As they run their fingers over the rise of a die-stamped design or the unmistakable canals of letterpress printing, the awe is noticeable, even if unspoken. While Bell'INVITO is always a joy to receive, it's a special thrill to be on the giving end of such a piece.

In an industry of luxury offerings, Bell’INVITO is the recognized leader in discernment and taste. Conscious lifestyle choices, such as eco-friendly materials and nurturing environment for our associates, bring a contemporary yet elegant flair to the world of traditional luxury goods. Bell'INVITO literally pushes the envelope every day. They have markedly raised the bar in quality, craftsmanship, design, and client service.


Bell'INVITO, provides pro-bono design and printing resources for Children's Cancer Fund. The Feel stationery sales are earmarked for a full 20% of the sale price to be annually donated to Breast Cancer Research. 


Allow us to extend a bell'invito (translation: "beautiful invitation" in Italian) to you. Take in the carefully created leather accessories, desk and table essentials, gifts, and, of course, handcrafted stationery created in perfect synergy with living beautifully. You lead a multi-dimensional life, brimming with a full range of emotions. So, whether an occasion fills you with pride, excitement, joy, or peaceful contemplation, we are your place where you will always find the perfect expression of how you feel. Whether you are rooted in tradition, or cheeky and a little irreverent, know that anything that bears the Bell'INVITO stamp will never go unnoticed, and will always support your high standards of shopping consciously.